News For May 2006

Space Art by Frank Hettick
on display at The 25th Annual
International Space Development Conference
held in Los Angeles, CA on May 4-7, 2006

Shirley Hettick in the Sky-High Gallery sales area during the event


Frank and Shirley Hettick
behind their display tables during
the 25th Annual International Space
Development Conference held in
the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at
Los Angeles International
Airport May 4-7, 2006

In addition to the many
canvas pieces Hettick displayed at
the sales booth, five other pieces
were jury-selected to appear
in the ISDC Space Art
floor display.

A framed piece - Martian Storm - also
appeared in the 'Artists Universe'
traveling exhibit on loan with
the International Association
of Astronomial Artists and
was on view at the

Almost a thousand guests and
members of The Planetary Society
and The National Space Society
along with many speakers
were on hand during
the 4-day event.


Many prestigious guests and speakers
attended the first international
joint event sponsored by both
The Planetary Society and
National Space Society.


Buzz Aldrin, Apollo Astronaut and the second man
to step onto the Moon - gave keynote talks during
the conference, viewed the space art
exhibits and the display booths.


Other speakers included:

Burt Rutan - Designer Space Ship One
Louis Friedman - The Planetary Society
George Whitesides - National Space Society
Rusty Scheickart - Apollo Astronaut
Dennis Tito - 1st Space Tourist
Shana Dale - Deputy Adminstrator NASA
Peter Diamandis - Founder, X-Prize Foundation
Robert Zubrin - The Mars Society
Rick Sternbach - Senior Illustrator - Star Trek
Jon Ramer - IAAA Spokesperson