News For January 2005

The Planetary Society and European Space Agency's Huygens Art Contest:

"Imaging Titan: Artists Peer Beneath the Veil"

"Titan Touchdown" by Frank Hettick wins First Place Award!

The Planetary Society and the European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded First Place in the Adult Division of their International Competition highlighting the landing of the Cassini-Huygens space probe on Titan, a moon of Saturn, to Frank Hettick, a U.S. space artist!

Over 430 entries from around the world were received in the competition! The contest was termed "Imaging Titan: Artists Peer Beneath the Veil"!

A one-of-a-kind 20" x 40" canvas giclee 'Titan Touchdown' was provided to The Planetary Society by the artist to place on display at the European Space Agency headquarters in Darmstadt Germany during the event!

Hettick's digital rendering of the Huygen's probe as it was about to touch down on the rugged rock-strewn surface beneath reddish-orange storm clouds also appeared on the Discovery Channel Science worldwide television special of the Titan landing two days after the actual event took place January 14, 2005.

Image size of 'Titan Touchdown' is 20 x 40-inches and is limited to an edition of only 25 canvas giclee prints.

If you are interested in a canvas giclee print of 'Titan Touchdown' we recommend that you monitor the Space Art sections
of online auctions such as Nova-Space Auctions as prints may become available from time to time.

Titan Touchdown is still currently available through the artist at Sky-High Gallery.

The price of a 'Titan Touchdown' giclee canvas print will vary depending on size (with a maximum of 21" x 42" at $600).