'Impending Departure' - by Frank Hettick - 2010 - $395 *

* Note that $395 is the suggested release price until the next piece in the artist's
series "Mission To Titan" is released. At that time the price will increase to $449.

The first completed piece in the artist's newest series 'Mission To Titan'. This artwork pictures Cassini just before it releases the Huygens probe (large gold dish-shape on lower side of the space-craft) which will descend to the cloud-covered surface of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

The successful landing of Huygens, the first manmade object on the moon of another planet, took place in February 2005. For purposes of greater clarity and artistic appeal the gold-foil shielding that enclosed the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft during the long sojurn does not appear in this rendering.

Printed with archival inks on artist's fine-weave white canvas with the total edition limited to just 25 this print is 21" high x 26" wide and priced at a special offering of $395. To receive this initial release price - your order must be placed prior to the next piece of artwork in the series being released.

Your print on fine artists' canvas is personally printed, enhanced, signed and numbered by the artist. Shipped rolled in a sturdy mailing tube! The image size and format will allow framing traditionally with the entire image in view - or the canvas may be 'gallery-wrapped' with 1.5" of the image-border
folded over the top, bottom and the left-right edges of a wood frame.

Refer to the white box below for more information on how Gallery-Wrapping works.


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