'Springtime on Mars - From the South Polar Cap' - by Frank Hettick - 2008 - $495

A Landscape As Seen From The Southern Polar Cap of Mars

A shallow pool of water near the edge of the polar ice cap reflects the far-off sun. As the sun dips lower toward the horizon and the temperature drops a few more degrees this pool will again begin to freeze.

Surrounded by the slush ice and dark permafrost outcroppings a bit of algae-like material floats on the still surface. Bits of brownish-orange color on the foreground ice may indicate that simple life-forms had arose here eons ago - or perhaps the colors are simply a discoloration from minerals in the sand and soils of the surrounding deserts areas.

A rimrock crater wall looms in the distance beyond the rugged permafrost field. The brighter stars can still be seen through the thin dusty haze.


Printed with archival inks on artist's fine-weave white canvas
with the total edition limited to just 25 prints.

This print is 30" wide x 21" and is priced at $495.

This giclee print is personally printed, enhanced, signed and
numbered by the artist. Shipped rolled
in a sturdy mailing tube!

The image size and format will allow framing traditionally with the entire image in view - or the canvas may be 'gallery-wrapped' with
1.5" of the image-border folded over the top, bottom
and the left-right edges of a wood frame.

Gallery-Wrapping of this print results in a 'face' image
size of 30" x 18" with 1.5" 'wrapped' on each side.

For a more detailed explanation of 'Gallery-Wrapping'
see the white box at the bottom of this page!


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