'The Biggest Step' - by Frank Hettick - 2008 - $525


The first expedition to another world - as astronauts explore the surface of their home-planet's single moon!

These explorers have succeeded in the long journey from their far-off home-world, hanging watchfully in the night sky. They have traveled in their sleek, needle- nosed spaceship to this rocky-frozen moon - because it has 'always been there'!

With this new accomplishment - and with a safe return to their own world - their civilization will now hopefully be poised and encouraged to undertake the loftiest of goals, the exploration of other moons and planets within the local system.

Only a small percentage of habitable planets in the galaxy have a moon that constantly hangs in the sky - appearing as a beacon and eventually as a goal that would encourage the intelligence and imaginations to reach upward toward!

Without a moon to reach for - civilizations would be without incentive or imagination! But with a moon - with such a recognizable goal capable of encouraging and exciting it's efforts outwards - that is all the difference!

Peoples without a moon in their sky should be pitied - for they are missing the first step! Indeed - the 'Biggest Step'!


Printed with archival inks on artist's fine-weave white canvas
with the total edition limited to just 25 prints.

This print is 32" wide x 21" and is priced at $525.

This giclee print is personally printed, enhanced, signed and
numbered by the artist. Shipped rolled
in a sturdy mailing tube!

The image size and format will allow framing traditionally with the entire image in view - or the canvas may be 'gallery-wrapped' with
1.5" of the image-border folded over the top, bottom
and the left-right edges of a wood frame.

Gallery-Wrapping of this print results in a 'face' image
size of 29" x 18" with 1.5" 'wrapped' on each side.

For a more detailed explanation of 'Gallery-Wrapping' see
the white box at the bottom of this page!


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