'Back To The Moon' - by Frank Hettick - 2007 - $350

Image size is 18" wide x 24" high on artist's fine-weave white
with total edition limited to just 25 prints.

This giclee print is personally printed, enhanced, signed and
numbered by the artist - and priced at $350 unstretched
and shipped rolled in a sturdy mailing tube!

The ship design is patterned after the 'Luna' space ship from 'Destination Moon', a sci-fi movie from the
early 1950s' and is seen here just before landing on it's aerodynamic fin-pods.

The fins are used only for guidance control during the return glide trip through
Earth's atmosphere prior to the landing phase.

'Luna' is shown here some 10 kilometers above the cratered surface. Earth can be seen above the horizon.


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