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International Association of Astronomical Artists

Many of today's top astronomical and space artists are members of IAAA!
Artist-member's websites and email addresses are listed along with news
of the association's latest events and workshops!

With over 1100 artists listed - this is probably the most complete linking
directory of Space and Science Fiction Artists to be found on the web at

Lisa and Slawek Wojtowicz's site

News about the night sky and articles on selected
astronomical objects can be found at

Night Sky Information

And . . . seven more of our current Favorite Links!

Space, sci-fi and astronomical art plus interviews, how-to's, etc. at these sites

Here is another site we recommend for that Old Masters traditional style of painting is:

Mr. Engelen accomplishes photo-realistic landscapes in his oil paintings. Capturing scenes
that seem to be from the easels of the old masters Leon achieves detailed quality in his works.

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